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emergentec  : :  digital drug R&D

“Big Data” have become elemental in Biotech/Pharma asset R&D, be it in screening for novel drug targets, biomarkers for improving patient stratification, or early evaluation of drug effect. With the goal of optimizing therapies in the realm of precision medicine big data have raised promises in also improving R&D efficiency, addressing critical milestones from early translation to clinical testing.

While various big data concepts and technology implementations follow “explorative” analytics we take a fundamentally different route: Modeling disease pathologies as molecular process-of-processes configurations, seeing interference with comprehensive drug mechanism of action models and holding informative biomarkers linking with clinical phenotyping: in silico results with clear-cut practical implementation.


personalization strategies (link to video)

our product : : the e.valuation scientific software platform

We designed, implemented and operate our proprietary scientific software e.valuation – tailored at biomarker, target and drug positioning/repositioning R&D. Dedicated workflows guide in fit-for-purpose evaluation of given assets , allow search for novel candidates, and offer large scale asset repositioning screens.

e.valuation comes “fully loaded”: Our data core holds > 18 mio data points on marker-, target- and drug-to-disease links, combined with > 4,300 molecular pathology/drug mechanism of action network models. Interfaces allow seamless integration of external data for executing comparative analytics. 

our offer : : e.valuation licenses

We offer technology licenses at various levels, ranging from Web-based access and analytics support to deep integration in client R&D data streams. Get back to us – and see how e.valuation adds value to your biomedical asset R&D.


  • successful completion of biomarker, target and drug evaluation for Pharma/Biotech industry
  • central role of e.valuation in a number of large scale, collaborative efforts
  • broad scientific coverage in various disease areas and application settings



          emergentec biodevelopment GmbH

          Gersthofer Strasse 29-31

          1180 Vienna, Austria




          Bernd Mayer, Arno Lukas