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emergentec  : :  emergent technologies

emergentec develops products and solutions governed by a proprietary conceptual framework derived from biological computing principles: organizational structures triggering higher order function in object ensembles. Sounds theoretical? – well, we just respect composition in omnipresent connectedness.

We de-code, tailor and develop higher order function in context-aware object ensembles. We thrive on optimizing higher order function exposed by given object-in-context systems (reverse engineering in natural as well as man-made artifacts), and configure composition of function de novo in technical designs.


Objects in context/interaction (be it humans, technical devices, or as combination in cyber-physical ecosystems) eventually develop organizational structure enabling higher order function. Such upward causal effects are frequently perceived as “unexpected” or “surprising”, and in downward causality affect peculiarities of individual objects, groups of objects, and eventually of the entire system. Still, all grounds in deterministic object-in-context dynamics.

For an observer (human, technical sensor) higher order function may display as beneficial or detrimental scenario. In consequence, such emergent properties open up most relevant application cases: I) identifying optimal means of interference with given object-in-context systems for re-directing dynamics toward beneficial behavior and II) designing object-in-context systems de novo for seeking added value in emergent capabilities.

reverse engineering

Varieties of natural systems, but also certain man-made artifacts present as interacting objects, embed organizational structure grounded in object context, and display higher order function. For selected instances big data have become available allowing object and interaction annotation and parameterization. Such basis enables system simulation (causality matters!) for diagnosis and prognosis of emergent observables, as well as design of appropriate external interference together with prediction of system response.

technical designs

emergence offers a wide range of most relevant higher order function – stability/robustness/smart response to external interference, collaboration, synergism, coherence, graceful degradation, implicit optimization of target functionality, and many more. Cyber-physical ecosystems hold all prerequisites for becoming emergence-enabled: devices in connected ensembles, in de-central operation displaying true smartness.


  • design/implementation/licensing of modeling & simulation platforms 
  • reverse engineering analytics, various industries
  • technical design blueprints, System-of-Systems configurations
  • coordination of / advisory for System-of-Systems/multi agent-based R&D
  • lecturing/scientific dissemination in Computational Biology and Systems Sciences



          emergentec biodevelopment GmbH

          Gersthofer Strasse 29-31

          1180 Vienna, Austria



          Management: Bernd Mayer, Arno Lukas